Thursday, March 26, 2015

Teaching Probability Day 7 - Conditional Probability

Conditional Probability is probably the most difficult probability to teach. Kids don't get it easily - especially conceptually. Today is the first time I've taught a group of kids conditional probability and I felt strongly that they REALLY got it. By the end of the lesson, the kids were saying "This isn't that bad", which is in stark contrast to what I usually get.

I started by showing two LearnZillion videos to teach them about Conditional Probability. Now, to be fair, I made these two LearnZillion videos, so I actually used the slide download and went through it piece-by-piece with them. If you choose to use the videos, you need really good speakers because the video is really quiet.

Regardless, we went through the two videos, and I made the kids a notesheet to accompany both videos with key takeaways. They filled them out and we heavily discussed the conceptual part of conditional probability... what are we REALLY doing? At the end of class, I pulled a couple of example problems from a worksheet I had.

This is the most success I've ever had with teaching conditional probability. Tomorrow, we are going to talk about conditional probability in two-way tables and do some practice.

LearnZillion Conditional Probability Video #1:

LearnZillion Conditional Probability Video #2:

Note Sheet to Accompany These Videos (Click for Google Drive Download):

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