Sunday, March 22, 2015

Teaching Probability Day 2 - Two-Way Tables

On day 2 of my 10 day probability unit, I introduced my kids to two-way tables - contingency tables - relative frequency tables - whatever you want to call them. I introduced this through a shape/color sort on the Smart Notebook file as well as assigning each student a gender/species pet card. When I was presenting this lesson to a group of teachers this weekend, they brought up that it wasn't good to depict gender with a stereotypical pink/blue color. I was just trying to make the exercise really visual from afar. If you have a better idea for this or make a different set of cards, let me know, and I'll add them here. While the cards might be a little overkill for this lesson, they get reused on day 3 (I assign students the same card for both days).

The files for Day 2 are available for download below. Let me know if you have any suggestions or, if you use them, how this works for you in class! By the way, this is a very basic introduction to relative frequency tables. The use of these tables will be spiraled through the introduction of the Addition Rule, Multiplication Rule, and Conditional Probability.

Student Notes Sheet (Click on Image for Google Drive File):

Two-Way Tables Student Notes Sheet.docx
Smart Notebook File (Click on Image for File Download):
Two-Way Tables Smart Notebook File
Pet Cards File (Click Image for Google Drive Download):
Pet Cards File for Two-Way Tables and Addition Rule.docx

Practice Problems for Two-Way Tables (Click Image for Google Drive Download):

Practice Problems for Two-Way Tables.docx

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