Saturday, July 19, 2014

Rotation Foldable

Last, but not least, here is the rotations foldable. This is my favorite because it's so interactive. You'll need brass fasteners (1 per child). After they get the rectangle assembled on the plane, the students can actually discover all the general rules for rotations around the origin. My favorite part of this one is that this foldable not only teaches about rotations on the plane, but it also allows for discussion on transformations that map a figure onto itself. Again, these were originally inspired by Jessie Hester's INB pages on transformations. Links are included for your use!

Foldable Page 1: HERE
Foldable Page 2: HERE

Dilations Foldables

Next in the regular installments of transformation foldables is dilations. I'm not going to write a very long explanation here, but I'm including pictures. Again - much credit goes out to Jessie Hester's INB transformation pages for inspiring these foldables. Files are included for your use!

Foldable Part I: HERE
Foldable Part II: HERE

Friday, July 18, 2014

Reflections Foldable

As you may be able to tell by last night's post, I finished the translation lesson. So, now I've moved on to the reflections lesson. Keeping with the same theme as yesterday, I've taken Jessie Hester's fabulous INB reflections resources and modified them to construct a foldable for my high school geometry class. For me, this meant modifying the notes to focus on a parallelogram as well as the idea of translations working as a function. The foldable I came up with is below. All files are included for your use.

Foldable: HERE
Practice Squares for Foldable (4 sets per sheet): HERE

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Translation Foldable

I've been doing a lot of work this summer writing curriculum. I wrote a set of statistics lesson for LearnZillion, and now I'm re-writing my transformations unit for my geometry classes.  Our state exam (Quality Core) just doesn't put much emphasis on it, but I've decided to expand the time I dedicate to them, in keeping with CCSS.
If you know me, you know I teach geometry with foldables. If you walk into my classroom, it usually looks like colored paper and markers were scattered about by small tornadoes that most people call high school students. I've read (and drooled over) Jessie Hester's blog before. I was browsing it and noticed some really awesome interactive notebook pages for transformations. Her INB page is geared toward 8th grade CCSS standards. I wanted to take her ideas and turn them into a foldable more geared toward high school geometry. For me, that meant putting more of a focus on developing rules for translations and viewing translations as more a function with an input and output. I'm including pictures of the completed foldable (It's on plain white paper. Sorry; I'm at home and out of colored!). The two template files are also attached for your use. Enjoy and please visit Jessie's blog. The ideas on this foldable are largely hers, I just manipulated them a little bit to fit my class.

Welcome to My New Blog!

Four score and seven years ago (okay maybe not quite that much)... I used to blog. Then, I just quit. It was time consuming, and I just didn't have that much to say. It was also my first year of teaching and daily survival seemed more important than blog entries with clever stories. It's 2014 and four years later. I still don't have time, but I do have a lot more clever stories and maybe some actual ideas to share. Everybody has to start somewhere. This is mine.