Sunday, March 22, 2015

Teaching Probability Day 1 - Sample Spaces and Fundamental Counting Principle

In preparation for our EOCs, I'm teaching probability to our Algebra II kids. This is the third year I've taught this unit, and I've chosen to completely re-work it for this year and make it much more conceptual. The previous two years, I've taught it very much in keeping with the way I teach probability rules in AP Statistics, but mastery just wasn't where I wanted it. So... I'm going to upload my newly-created resources for other folks to use or help me modify to make better. I should be clear that I'm not taking an incredibly formal approach to probability as in years past. We're tested on QualityCore (from ACT). I've looked at the sample questions from ACT, and it's just not warranted. The Multiplication Rule is simply with or without replacement - kids don't actually have to know the formula with the conditional probability within it. And, as for conditional probability, kids need to simply know the formula and how to calculate it from a two-way table.

Anyway - Day 1 is simply sample spaces and the fundamental counting principle. It went really well (this lesson usually does, though - it's easy!).

I give the kids a note sheet and rely primarily on my Smart Notebook Interactive File. Files are included below. If you use them, please tweet me or leave a comment to tell me how it goes!

Note Sheet (Click on Image for Google Drive File):
Sample Space and Fundamental Counting Principle Notes Sheet.docx

Smart Notebook File (Click on Image for Download):
* By the way, you can delete the last slide or make up values for the year and number of tags issued. I've tried to called the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet for numbers multiple times and can't get anyone to answer.
Sample Space and Fundamental Counting Principle Smart Notebook File
Practice Problems (Click on Image for Google Drive File):
Sample Space and Fundamental Counting Principle Practice Problems.docx

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