Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Making Error Analysis Work

Happy planning period! I am in need of some help in reflecting on yesterday's assignment and why/how it went wrong. The kids didn't have the reaction to them that I desired, and I want to correct it for next time, because I truly feel the activity is a valuable one.

Using Steph Reilly's Error Analysis format, I came up with, what I thought, was a great activity for my geometry classes to reflect on the major errors they commit when solving equations. I should frame this by saying that I gave an exit ticket last week and saw that my kids were still severely struggling with solving equations, so they truly did have lots of things to learn by doing the Error Analysis activity.

Here is the sheet of exit ticket errors and reflection space I made:

Link: HERE

And here are they type of reflections I got from about a third of my first period class:

Now, some kids seemed to find it helpful, and the quiz scores today reflect that. However, the activity yesterday really confused a few kids, and it was also reflected in their quiz scores today.

How do I restructure this activity so it's beneficial for everyone next time?

Sunday, August 10, 2014

This Week's Geometry Calendar Math

After Christmas last year, I began having my kids do calendar math bellringers courtesy of Chris Rime at Partially Derivative. His are awesome. Because my school system starts pretty much as early as possible, Chris hasn't put any up for August ( I mean, I guess I could make something myself). So... here we go. I'm doing INBs this year, and one of the pages is a fabulous semester calendar from the extraordinary Shelli at Teaching Statistics. My kids will do the projected calendar math in the appropriate date box in their INBs. Right now, we're just reviewing (errrmm... aka learning) how to solve equations, so this is my set for this week. If you're interested, grab it!