Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Teaching Probability Day 4 - Addition Rule Practice

We're approaching the middle of our ten day probability unit in my standardized test prep course. The students discovered and applied the addition rule on Day 3, so Day 4 needs to be addition rule practice. I wanted to come up with a bit more interesting way to practice these problems other than a nice black and white worksheet. I decided to make turnover cards for my kids. I learned about turnover cards at KCMC '15. Vonda Stamm of Making Math Magic did a presentation about math games. I LOVED them all. However, turnover cards really lend themselves to lots of different content. I made two sets of turnover cards for the addition rule. They really work just like the around the world activity, but they are easier for word problems, since kids don't have to squint or climb over people to read the whole problem. Kids pick up the "Start" card, work the problem on the back, and then identify the next cards with the correct solution on the front. By the end of the turnover cards, the final solution, when turned over, should read "End".

I'm attaching both sets of turnover cards I made for the addition rule. Be aware, though, that a few of these ask kids to create two way tables before doing an addition rule calculation.

Set 1 Front (Link to Google Drive File)

Set 1 Back

Set 2 Front (Link to Google Drive File)

Set 2 Back

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