Saturday, April 1, 2017

Distance Formula Practice Through the Lens of Water Walks in Sub-Saharan Africa

Today in installment two of mathematics through social justice, I'm introducing this Desmos Activity Builder activity that encourages groups of students (probably Geometry students) to practice finding the lengths of segments. The segment lengths are estimates of the lengths of "Water Walks" (walks to freshwater from a home/dwelling) in twenty-six Sub-Saharan countries.

My recommendation for this activity is to split the class up into groups of five students. Included in the activity is a link to the Google Doc handout, which splits the countries up into 5/6 countries/problems per student.

After all group members have completed their problems, ask students to compile the solutions into the DAB activity. From there, students will then be asked to convert their distances from the metric system to miles and compile all distances on a bar chart. Finally, the DAB concludes with a reflection question.

Student link (if you'd like to preview the activity):
Teacher link (if you'd like to use the activity in your classroom):

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