Sunday, August 28, 2016

Teaching Segment Addition with Types and Socrative Task Cards

If you are interested in this post have haven't read Teaching Segment Addition with Types, I strongly recommend you skim that first before reading this post.

Now, moving on to the fourth day of segment addition and betweeness postulates, the students just needed to practice.To do this, students completed some Socrative Practice problems using the three types. Basically, each problem becomes two questions. In the first question, students must classify the type of Segment Addition problem. Then, in the second accompanying question, students must apply the strategy needed to correctly solve that particular type of segment addition problem.  Here is an example:

If you would like to use this Socrative practice assignment, just use the following code: SOC-17443219

Teaching kids to first identify the type, recall the strategy, and then solve in this very systematic way proved so beneficial for my kids and for further applications later on in the year.


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