Friday, September 25, 2015

Teaching Statistics? Need Help? Try the NC State MOOC.

I am the only AP Statistics teacher in my county. In fact,  (I think) I am the only stand-alone statistics teacher of any variety in the county. When I began our school's first AP Statistics program four years ago, I felt a whole lot like an island. My background in stats was a mere six (miserably-taught) hours in college a few years ago. Through a grant, I did identify a nearby mentor teacher and then, by my own devices, located a wonderful mentor online through Twitter. I am now in love. Statistics is a beautiful thing, people.  And even better, it's so awesome to teach.

I know there are folks out there - new statistics teachers at the high school level, new middle school teachers, or maybe more experienced middle school teachers acclimating to the stats-heavy Common Core State Standards - who lack resources, training, or -maybe- confidence concerning the teaching of statistics in a 6-12 math classroom. You are not alone. The best part - NC State is going to help you - FOR FREE.

NC State is offering a FREE online MOOC (Massive Open Online Course), "Teaching Statistics Through Data Investigations," beginning September 28th. Enrollees in the MOOC will have multiple opportunities to cater their own learning to the content level of interest. The course is designed to require 1-2 hrs/week of time and offers the opportunity to earn 20 CEUs.


Here is a video summarizing the opportunity:

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