Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Area and Perimeter Culminating Project

School is nearing its end for this year. I'm not mad about it. The kids are basically already hanging from the ceiling. My last unit is always area/perimeter and volume/surface area. Last week, to finish our area/perimeter portion, I assigned two geometry sections to complete the Apartment Remodel Project from Sarah at Everybody is a Genius. I modified her assignment slightly in order to incorporate the perimeter piece. All I really did was add a perimeter bullet and blank to the answer sheet.

My kids loved it. They mostly worked in groups of three to complete the assignment. I told them they were roommates (There are three bedrooms in the blueprint I used. It's the same one from Sarah's blog). I also redrew the 3D model on (Link to mine: HERE) The way the kids got into the flooring selection process and argued over it was hilarious. When one group finally calculated their total flooring costs with tax, the boy in the group screamed and said he was going to have to work overtime and buy on credit. He also noted that he was doing it "for the kids", asking his female partner where he wanted her to lay the floor when discussing the sample selections. I swear we all had too much fun with this project. It's probably my favorite project I've ever assigned. The kids learned SO much and had lots of fun with it. I think it was a good reality check for some of them, too. DO THIS PROJECT!

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  1. I am loving your blog!!! Sounds like you guys had a blast with this lesson. Please please keep sharing.