Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Triangle Midsegments & Exterior Angle Speed Dating

I've learned so much from the #MTBoS. So, so much. One of the best things I've ever learned, though, has to be Kate Nowak's Speed Dating (See post HERE). It's just amazing and does so much for kids on so many levels. With our three thousand (perhaps two thousand ninety-nine) snow days, we've needed to review a lot of topics. This was the perfect way to do it. I primarily wanted my kids to review the triangle midsegment theorem and the exterior angle of a triangle theorem. I also threw in some isosceles and equilateral triangle questions from the pre-snowpocalypse era.

I got comments like "Ms. Boles, I really learned a lot today. I really did."  "I like this game."  "When can we do this again?" "We should do this everyday!" I said no to the last one. However, I really loved all of the positive feedback I was hearing.

Since I've done speed dating for three years, I've learned quite a bit about how best to facilitate it. First, count the number of students in your smallest class and half it. My smallest class was 22, so I wrote 11 questions that really hit the main ideas I wanted reviewed. I obviously have to write more questions, but the rest are usually very similar to the first 11. This way, students don't have to make it all the way around the room to review all necessary topics. In my class of 34, speed dating all around the room would take far too long.

Midsegment & Triangle Exterior Angle Speed Dating Index Cards (Click for Google Drive DL)

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