Thursday, December 11, 2014

The World Is Awesome And So Are Bloggers!

I am not at school today. I am training (yay!!)?? Actually, yes. The last few of these trainings have been fairly good. I am a teacher leader for the Appalachian Renaissance Initiative, a grant funded by the last round of Race to the Top Funding. So far, we're looking at 3D printing, mind-controlled devices, Java programming, and gesture-controlled technology. This is right up my alley. Then - at 11:35, we're talking about blogging. Heyyyyy. I mean I have a blog - I'm writing on it right now? Do I do it normally? Heh. No. But, I do understand the great power of blogs because I've learned so much. DruinkOK, PamJWilson, and so, so many others (the speaker is ending... I have to stop! They are going to make me move.) The speaker just talked about how "Twitter is the best PD opportunity for teachers". I know! Shoutout to #MTBOS for being amazing! I'll update later with takeaways and pictures!

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